“It is rare that you find musicians that connect at the level they do. There are bands that are tight and bands that have chemistry. But what you hear is more than that---their music is more like alchemy. 

Pete Sitter


Feel the twist.
Our approach to music has been honed over more years than we would like to admit. But we draw on those years giving a fresh twist to songs you may have heard - infusing emotion into the song and bringing you along to feel it the way we do. We play to our audience not to a set list.

Every song Is an adventure.
We have the freedom as a group to bring that feeling into the song as it evolves ---in the moment. We improvise on the songs, not just in solos. Holding a note a little longer. Striking a chord a little harder. Picking up the tempo on the second verse or slowing it down on the third. Letting the volume swell or whisper. It’s looking over at your bandmate and knowing they like where you are going and are ready to go on that ride with you.

That is what you experience when you join us. A few memories. Maybe a tear, but hopefully a smile or two. For us music is a way to connect. An emotion to share and experience together. And it is our privilege to be the vehicle that takes you there.

Two more things.
When we play, you can hear every note, and can comfortably talk with your friends. And your ears won't ring when you leave.

And we often invite other professional musicians to sit in - for a song, a set or a night. They add to the inspiration, and you are treated with a new sound.

Come along with us for the ride.

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Dave V plays regularly with amazing musicians in the PA-NY-OH tri-state region, always searching for the perfect sound. Join us, book us.